Just Cause:El Lavendio will be set on the series of 3 islands collectively known as El Lavendio. It will feature returning and new vehicles and will as well contain flooding. It is set in 2017, 2 years after the third Just Cause game takes place.

Returning ManufactersEdit

  1. Ashton
  2. Mugello
  3. Heil!
  4. Mann
  5. Urga


Lavendian Police Department (LPD): It is the main protection force of the country. It boasts a fleet of multiple vehicles.

Lavendian Military: An extreme force only deployed in extreme situations and wars.

The Revolution: The player and other allies control this force to get rid of the corrupt leader.


Mugello Stiffer

Mugello Stiffer

The Mugello Stiffer is a possessed car owned by the Mugello museum. The only driver and owner of this car died in a car accident in 1977. The car is rumored to be haunted and the car is very hard to drive.

Mugello M100

Mugello M100

The Mugello M100 is a prototype car that is being tested at the Mugello testing facility. It is an extremely powerful car, being able to outrun even the fastest cars of it's class. It is however very expensive to buy and manage, even for the wealthy.

Mugello Clapric

Mugello Clapric

The Mugello Clapric is a naturally aspirated car that can rival other supercars. It is owned by quite a lot of people, causing its value to skyrocket higher.

Mugello Sicario S12D7BV Medici

3rd Generation Mugello Sicario

The 3rd Generation Mugello Sicario is made in El Lavendio and is commonly used by citizens and armies alike. The car is well built and is commonly sold outside the country.

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There are also vehicles involved in certain events:

  1. Street Racing
  2. Vehicle Theft
  3. Smuggling Wars