"Name's Joseph Spiegel, British intelligence"

Joseph Spiegel is a supporting character in Just Cause Unity and Just Cause: Cold Blood.


He was born in Oxfordshire, England to a rather rich family. He watched loads of shows like "The Interceptors" and films like "Jeffery Jeffinson: 070". These inspired him to sign up for British intelligence, specifically MI5. He got the job and assisted The Agency in various missions including Medici, but he is never seen.

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He eventually reaches the Budgie Islands, where Rico is currently located.


He is quite gentlemanly, always making sure he doesn't look like an idiot. He does like to look through keyholes for some reason.

Events of Just Cause UnityEdit

In Just Cause Unity, he can be used as a companion and occasionally gives side-missions.

Events of Just Cause: Cold BloodEdit

In Cold Blood, he acts as a supporting role, killing weaker enemies and driving to various locations.