Jonas Alvarez is a character in Just Cause: Paradiso Islands.


There is literally NO background information on Jonas. All we know is that he is a Revolution soldier.

In GameEdit

Jonas is always silent, whether being with Rico or fighting, up until Rass. His Abraham Repeater is in remarkably better condition than the others, even doing more damage because of this. Jonas is weak, however, and relies on Rico to be more of a bullet shield while he does the damage. Since Jonas doesn't own a car, he will either get in Rico's car or steal one, although sometimes he will show up in Joseph's Jackson Longview.

Voice Reveal and DeathEdit

At the end of the mission Rass, someone can be heard talking on a phone. When Rico and Marienfield go to check it out, they see Jonas talking for the first time, while Rico is surprised his voice "is so weak". When asked about who he is calling, Jonas simply says an "ally". When Rico takes the phone, and sees he is talking to a number in Medici, Rico realizes he is talking to Tom Sheldon, specifically about the Agency coming to the Islands. After Rico questions him about it, Jonas puts his Abraham up to his head and shoots himself. The reason is not found out until the end of the game, where they find that Tom was associated with Chalk.

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