Jack Harris is a character in Just Cause: Paradiso Islands.


Jack was born on an unknown date in Lawrence,KS. He moved to the islands in an unknown year. As of the games time (2017), he is 29. Jack's family had a mechanic garage, which he inherited after his parents died.


Jack is one of Rico's companions. He is the third highest ranked soldier in the Revolution, and the most accurate of Rico's companions. However, due to him using the Harris 412, however, he needs to get closer to danger to cause any damage. Jack is a car fanatic, and he owns many sports and muscle cars, his most prized possession being his Mann Kladivo 425. He also gives the Vehicle Delivery sidemissions. Jack has stated MANY times he despises JDM fanboys, which is he reason he does not like Mika.


  • He is named after one of the developers.

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