This is a list of myths and legends in Just Cause: Your Nation.

Ghost dinoEdit

In the countryside, a dinosaur might appear. It roars, but is only a ghost and won't crush you.

Where the bad kids goEdit

A strange show called "Kids" appears on TVs in your country. It is a peaceful show up until the end, where it says "Where the Bad Kids Go" in both the official language and English. Then there is a rusty door with screams.

Strange Vaultier PhoenixEdit

At N 40 95.480 E 21.995 is an older Vaultier Phoenix. It greatly resembles the 1995 Chevrolet Impala. It is simply called the '92 Phoenix.

Demon in BrickswoodEdit

Many people in Brickswood have reported a demon. The demon, according to reports, looks like a transparent human with horns and red eyes. When you encounter him up close, he will do one of 2 things: Kill you or flee. When he tries to kill you, run away or drive away as firearms don't do a damn thing. Missing people are common in Brickswood as the demon kills them.

UFOs in the eastEdit

Many an easterner have reported UFOs. These UFOs are usually cigar-shaped, although bottle-shaped and Coke can-shaped UFOs have been reported in the past. UFOs usually appear at night. People have went missing from this.

Scary EASEdit

The legend of a Scary EAS has been passed around. The EAS has the same voice as the rebel who hijacked the TV channel, and it threatens the military. It has transmitted to all locations.

PhoenixLT ExperimentsEdit

During the 3rd or 2nd region oppression mission, screams can be heard from the PhoenixLT base. Either Phoenix Carlett is doing some fucked up shit that PhoenixLT is doing for him or PhoenixLT is interrogating rebels. They can be heard before and after the mission. But when they are most audible is during the cutscenes where Carlett enters a certain room. The thing has been explained after cutscenes. SPOILER ALERT! They were throwing heavy stuff at people and interrogating rebels. The first one is likely some experiment to make humans tougher, the second one is something to do with trying to liberate the country.

Yeti EASEdit

Sometimes, in the television or radio, there is an emergency alert system that mentions a white creature. This might be the Yeti from Nepalese folklore.