The Italian Mafia is a un-joinable faction and crime syndicate in QWTF spy's JC4, they've no major role in the story and don't intend to join the Insurgency.

Description Edit

"Hailing from Calabria, this Italian Mafia faction has been active since the early 1920s during the Prohibition era. After that, they moved to Arms smuggling so they can ship to countries with the most restricted Firearms laws but around 1996, they conspired and carried out the 1996 massacre in Australia using a fall boy to do the shooting so the gun laws can be changed to a more restricted basis to secure more of their gun rackets and Black Markets.

In the modern era, they operate in Karthstan to further their Arms Smuggling trade, they have a mansion in the Outskirts of Mayableh owned by Rubiano "Eggs" Benedict.

Trivia Edit

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