The mission starts out with Alejandro Armonia contacting Rico via the CommLink.

"Go to this location by any means possible. This is important to our plans."

The mission trigger is at a small pier on the island of La Sol. When the player activates the trigger, a cut scene occurs where Armonia shows up and tells Rico that there is a major war, Rico answers "No shit." Armonia then tells him that a major invasion force is headed from Gran Budgaria to Fuego, a major Solium Deposit. The player is then provided with a Loochador to defeat the invasion force.

In the Azul Sea, the invasion force arrives. The fleet is massive with ten Dawn Class Destroyers and 40 smaller STN P-385s. "Good Luck." Looch tells to Rico over the comm-link.

The player defeats the force causing Ordenado to contact him and tell him much worse is coming. The mission ends.