'The following is based on Cut game content in Just Cause: Volosia and is not canon.'

Islamic Republic of Karradan Flag

The flag of the Islamic Republic of Karradan.

Islamic Republic of Karradan Vehicular Insignia

The Islamic Republic of Karradan's vehicular insignia, with a transparent background.

Islamic Republic of Karradan Vehicular Insignia with Background

The same vehicular insignia with a black background, to better show the Islamic crescent-star in the middle.

The Islamic Republic of Karradan was a minor faction in Volosia during the Third Volosian Civil War. They have since been cut from the game entirely and removed. My reasoning for this can be found at the bottom of the page.


Though they are not as powerful as the main three factions and therefore a minor power, they still inhabit a significant part of the southern areas of the Volosian islands and regularly make their existence known to the other factions.


If one were to hold a survey of the citizens of Volosia, they would find that approximately less than ten out of every one hundred people believe that Volosia belongs to the Middle East and belongs to Turkey rather than Europe, and they do not believe in the "European occupation." With the citizens of Volosia dominantly either pro-Soviet or pro-West, the pro-Turkish were very much a minority with little support or international recognition.

This changed a few months after the Third Civil War broke out when Al-Varshasky, a man who is half-Russian and half-Turkish, rose up to rally the pro-Turkish minority in Volosia to create the Islamic Republic of Karradan, a separatist revolutionary faction intent on dismantling the European nation of Volosia and creating a Middle Eastern nation by the name of Karradan.

With their limited numbers they are unable to launch large offensives but have succeeded in using guerrilla or hit-and-run tactics, biding their time and allowing the rest of the factions to kill themselves off before they move in. They are in possession of worse technology than even the Volosian People's Republic, but they make do.


The Islamic Republic of Karradan is hostile to every faction in Volosia except the Aleskivich Mafia and the Black Hand. As per usual, they won't attack the Mafia or Black Hand unless provoked, like all the other factions.


BMI Husky

BMI Woodpecker

PH-25 Sparrow

Reasoning for the removalEdit

  • I felt that the Islamic Republic of Karradan was very out-of-place, and didn't belong in Volosia at all. In fact, they almost feel like they could have been someone's fanfiction.
  • They would have had little to no impact in the game anyway, as they would have only occupied the southern portions of the map and would have almost never appeared in the story.
  • Just Cause: Volosia is a story about a post-Soviet state and as such involves a lot of Russian or Soviet vehicles, and Slavic characters with Soviet heritage. I felt that including this Islamic faction would have disrupted the game's post-Soviet setting.
  • They were flat-out unnecessary.