The Iran Army or Santino's Men is the military of Iran in QWTF spy's JC4, they make an appearance in the Mysterious Island DLC.

Description Edit

Iran Army is the official armed forces of Iran, however, this is not talking about the entire Iran Army but the unit that invaded and maintained Mehdi Island.

Despite lacking the modern technology, they still can inflict damage. They use captured vehicles from Karthstan. Santino's Men still believe that the Iraq War is going on despite ending in 2011.

They take inspiration from the Imperial Japanese Army in JC2 who invaded Hantu Island in WW2, however, Japan lost WW2 and retreated but they left and forget to inform the soldiers of the loss who then occupied it until 2009 believing WW2 was still going on. They also based on real-life cases of platoons being left and being forgotten on deserted islands.

History Edit

In 1990, Iraq had invaded Kuwait, Iran responded by invading Mehdi Island secretly for the purpose of invading Iraq through its coastline, the unit's leader Lt. Santino maintained the island through a series of bases and posts. He received orders during the Iraq war to keep maintaining the island until Iran and its Military ceased contact with Santino after the Iraq war ended in 2011, however, Santino thought the Iraq War was still going on.

Iran Army

Santino's men along with their tanks.

They maintain their secrecy by killing anyone who went to the island resulting in mass disappearances. Karthstan never really cared about the island and didn't bother to investigate. Said Farrah, the supreme leader of Karthstan thought the island was no use to him and didn't order any investigations as well.

Mysterious Island DLC. Edit

The PDGK sends Rico on a new mission, Rico meets his helicopter pilot and leaves with the helicopter. The PDGK intends to exploit the island for the insurgency and investigate the disappearances.

The Helicopter arrives at the destination and Rico leaves the helicopter, once the helicopter has left the destination it gets shot down by an unknown group, Rico investigates but some Irani Soldiers caught him in their sights. a gun battle ensues with Rico as the victor. He discovers who they're and contacts Sheldon who fills Rico in the island.

Lt. Santino is alerted to Rico's presence through a messenger. 1990 to 2011, he was the commanding lieutenant of the island until Iran separated contract and he and his army were just left there. He orders the SAMs to activated, however, Rico destroys the SAMs to ensure a PDGK invasion, the PDGK occupy the south-east sector of the island. Rico continues taking over the bases and military villages built there.

Santino thinks the PDGK is the Karthstan Military and orders his soldiers to kill any "invading totalitarian" they see.


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