Ilmastointi Hjallesund, or ITL, is Lumeri's national airline.


The airline's fleet consists of 3 types of planes, one helicopter and a few airport vehicles.

Vehicles include:


Their logo consists of the words 'Ilmastointi Hjallesund', with their half green, half blue triangle emblem, which includes the spelling ITHS and a paper plane.

The aircraft paint jobs are similar to the real life SAS paint, but instead of having a full blue tail, they have a half blue, half green one, with the words ITHS on it. The engine cowlings have the same half green, half blue painting on it, without wording, and the same Ilmastoint Hjallesund logo on the sides.


The airline is advertised on billboards throughout Hjallesund. The advertisement consists of all of their vehicles lined up on tarmac, with the logo in the bottom right corner.