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This article's sole purpose is for posting my ideas for Just Cause: Hjallesund, and receive feedback, or other's ideas.

Vehicles Edit

One thing I'm focusing on in Just Cause: Hjallesund is more realistic civilian vehicles, and a better spawn rate. Once I get some locations done it will get a lot easier deciding what vehicles to add.

Concepts Edit

This is a list of concept vehicles I will likely make in Automation once installed:

  • Scando WRC-004- a rear wheel drive classic Group B rally car based on various SAAB models and the Lancia 037.
  • Crown Electrics Class-DG8000- New Zealand Railways DXR experimental (now in operation with only two class members) heavy diesel freight locomotive, based on the General Electric U26C.

Brands Edit

  • Rhine
    • Small Crossover (Probably Chevy Trax)
    • Medium Crossover (Rhine Express/Chevy Captiva)
    • Sedan (Opel Insignia)
    • Van
    • Hatch (Astra)
    • City Car (Adam?)
  • Svaneke
    • Small Crossover(?)
    • Medium Crossover/Wagon(XC60/V60)
    • Large Crossover(XC90)
    • Hatch(C30)
    • Large Sedan (S90)
    • Medium Sedan (S60)
    • Older cars:
      • 850R
      • 242 Turbo
      • 123

Trains Edit

Lumeri will have trains. I am contemplating on making them narrow gauge, 3'6 like New Zealand, and possibly adding some NZR/Kiwirail trains too. Most of the lines will be electrified, and there will probably be at least one preservation society with steam locomotives and older rolling stock. The coupling system will probably end up being the normal buffers system in Europe. A few ideas for trains:

Just Racing Series Edit

Vehicles proposed for the JCR series

Upcoming Vehicles Edit

A gallery of upcoming vehicles: