The Himmelsystem H80 Stråle is a sniper rifle in Just Cause: Hjallesund.


"When the Hjallesundi do it, they do it well. When you're a sniper, the H80 is your friend. Durable, accurate, powerful, reliable, light and stealthy. If one sniper is better in one way the H80 is better in every other way." - In game description.


It is almost identical to the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare with minor modifications, such as a brown leather grip. Depending on the climate the weapon can spawn in different colours.


It is quite possibly the best all round sniper in the game, as the description suggests. The stabilisation legs are usable by Rico, and he can lay down while using it to eliminate shakiness. It can kill most enemies in one shot, but can be weak against vehicles, even though it is able to penetrate doors of most civilian vehicles. The scope also has variable zoom.


  • Some outposts
  • Some bases
  • Sniper helicopters
  • Roadblocks

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