The Heil! Excelsior is a vehicle in Just Cause: Paradiso Islands and JCX:GlobalEx
IMG 0743


It is a luxury car, modeled after the Maybach Exelero. It is one of teh fastest cars in the game, reaching 180 mph. It is only found in black, and is only seen in the Heil! dealership.

In Just Cause X: Global eXchange Edit

A very expensive automobile for a poor nation of Kyungastan, it can only be ssen in large cities such as Bagirovsk and Ishmagrad, owned by highest-ranking officials, such as Governors of the islands. However, Rico can call it up for personal use via Agency Drop during Act II since in the Crisis that emerged he has virtually limitless funding from US Government.

Karim Gazibagandov has a unique, gold-plated version of this luxurious automobile.


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