Heil! (formerly Heil up until 1965) is a vehicle manufacturer in multiple fan fiction projects.


They are based on various German manufacturers.



Name Game Description Image Notes
Heil Camp Just Cause: Paradiso Islands Basic car
IMG 0584
Heil Fuhrer Just Cause Unity Off-roader
Heil Fuhrer
Heil! 01 Just Cause 4: Sakaku Unidentified vehicle
Heil! 01
Time warped
Heil! Excelsior Just Cause: Paradiso Islands and Just Cause X: Global Exchange Luxury car (really super car)
IMG 0743
Heil! Hiter Just Cause: Your Nation Sedan
Heil! Verfolger Just Cause X: Global Exchange Armored van
Heil Verfolger
Heil! Excellente Just Cause:El Lavendio Luxury car

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