The Harris 412 is a series of shotguns custom made by Jack Harris. They are only used by Rico, Jack, and Revolution soldiers.


Harris 412

The basic variant. Has a 6 shell capacity, with max of 72 in reserve. Is the weakest of all the variants, only doing 44 DMG per shot.
IMG 0516

Harris 412-Standard

Harris 412 Redneck

A rarer, more powerful variant. Though not as common, it does a total of 71 damage with all pellets combined. Has the same ammo capacity as the original.
IMG 0517

Harris 412-Redneck

Harris 412 Sarge

A even rarer, more powerful variant, doing 106 damage each shot. Has the same ammo capacity as the stock version. A common place to find one is Klaxon SB.
IMG 0515

Harris 412-Sarge

Harris-DJW Destroyer

A special build, custom ordered to DJW by Jack himself. Does 189 damage each shot. Is only carried by Jack himself, until it is given to Rico after completing My Old Kladivo.
IMG 0514

Harris 412-Destroyer


  • It is based on the Mossberg 500/590 series of shotgun.
  • It is made by Harris.

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