The HT-227 Giant is a heavy transport helicopter featured in Just Cause: Volosia.

Visual appearanceEdit

The HT-227 Giant takes on the visual form of the real-world Soviet Mil MI-26 transport helicopter, widely regarded by some as one of the most, if not the most powerful transport helicopter in terms of load capacity and certainly also one of the largest helicopters in the world.

Development historyEdit

Designed by the Soviet Union, this massive transport helicopter was designed to be capable of lifting anything that may be required such as artillery, tanks, infantry squads, and maybe even other helicopters. It was designed with power in mind, but sacrifices speed and armament for this capability and as a result it is one of the slowest helicopters in the game despite also being one of the most resilient and certainly the most powerful if used in an airlifting role. It is unarmed as well and therefore requires armed escort if it is sent into combat areas.


From a gameplay perspective, this helicopter's role is similar to the canon Urga Hrom D or Jackson JC - 2 Alamo, without the weaponry. It is unarmed but also the most heavily armored, and carries the strongest lifting power of all the helicopters in the game, capable of airlifting any vehicle that may be necessary. Of course, this airlifting may also not be necessary when you factor in the fact that this helicopter also has a large cargo bay in the rear with an opening door, which can fit a large number of forces, or a vehicle or two. Essentially, regarding canon Just Cause 3 vehicles, this is what happens when you cross a U41 Ptakojester, and an Urga Hrom D.