The HMAS (Her Majesty's Aerospace Systems) Buzzard is a plane in Just Cause Unity


The HMAS Buzzard was designed as a trainer aircraft and a low cost combat aircraft. It is mainly based on the BAE Systems Hawk and Aero L-39 Albatros. It is the fastest air vehicle in the game, beating the STN T-12 Viper and CS8 Lightninghawk in speed.


The Buzzard has two variants.

Buzzard VEdit

HMAS Buzzard

The Buzzard V.

The Buzzard V is more stunt and training orientated, with no armaments at all. It is more agile than the Buzzard X, due to being lighter and more aerodynamic. It is equipped with smoke trails.

Buzzard XEdit

HMAS Buzzard X

The Buzzard X.

The Buzzard X is the armed variant of the Buzzard, with light missiles and a minigun. It is bulkier than the V handling-wise. It is very useful in base raids, as it has quite strong weaponry and nothing can catch it.


  • It's made by the fictional corporation HMAS.