The HG-145 Eagle is a helicopter gunship in Just Cause: Volosia.

Visual appearanceEdit

As unnecessary as this section may be thanks to this helicopter's fame, the HG-145 Eagle is based on the Soviet MI-24 Hind assault helicopter gunship. No variants of the vehicle are available in Just Cause: Volosia.


The HG-145 Eagle was the heaviest helicopter available in the ex-Volosian Republic's air force, but since the breakout of civil war in the nation, all of the available Eagle helicopters have since gone to the main three factions. All three use this helicopter extensively for a multitude of different purposes, ranging from ground support to air assault and more, but the United Volosian Republic has begun to phase this vehicle out of their air force in favor of the new and improved Russian FA-17 Blizzard assault helicopter, which is being imported. The Aleskivich Mafia also owns some of these helicopters and they use them extensively for contracts that require destruction of large targets, or the assassination of enemy high value targets. On top of that, the Eagle is one of the Mafia's best sellers.

It is equipped with a nose-mounted chaingun excellent in helicopter-to-helicopter combat and against enemy personnel, and numerous anti-vehicle missiles which can be used against enemy aircraft or ground targets. With this devastating weaponry, the Eagle remains formidable in the Volosian skies even amongst newer and better helicopters such as the FA-17 Blizzard.

The Eagle is one of the most widespread helicopters ever made in the Volosian canon, reaching many of the different nations around the world who in turn created their own variants or have incorporated the helicopter into their air force. One such example of a nation improving the HG-145 Eagle is San Esperito's Walker AH-16 Hammerbolt. It was the main assault helicopter of the Soviet Union and the nations of its Iron Curtain throughout the Cold War, up until the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. The Eagle even saw action in the brief Second Volosian Civil War.