The HB-86 Hunter is a lightly-armored scout helicopter in service with the Black Hand (Volosia) in Just Cause: Volosia.

Visual appearanceEdit

The helicopter takes on the visual form of a Japanese Kawasaki OH-1 scout helicopter, with the only difference being the presence of two miniguns on either side, effectively making the game version of the helicopter armed, unlike the real OH-1.


Developed as a lighter and faster alternative for the reconnaissance missions carried out by the HB-84 Orca, the HB-86 Hunter was designed by the Black Hand's R&D team as a means of air-based reconnaissance that would move quickly, survey the area, and present too small a target to ever be hit by retaliatory enemy fire, while combining agility and a low weight to produce a very fast and very agile helicopter, one of the smallest in the game. Because of its size, it is capable of moving into tight spaces as well and landing on small surfaces, and thanks to its pair of miniguns it is also capable of minor self-defense against soft targets such as infantry or light vehicles. It is by far not a helicopter designed for dogfighting, but it'll do in a pinch to just barely whittle away at the superior armor of an enemy helicopter, not to mention its anti-ground capabilities.