The Forward Electric is a sports car in QWTF spy's JC4.

Black Market descriptionEdit

"This thing is a suppressed masterpiece, it never really caught on because of its battery life and the various bribes Forward received to ditch the thing by fuel companies in the 90s. Forward only gives this thing as a reward to celebrities, they can seen driving on the road but very rarely they do appear."


  • This vehicle refers to the various efforts by Fuel Companies to suppress electric vehicles.
  • This is the first electric vehicle in the Just Cause series.
    • When Just Cause 3 info was first leaked in 2014, there was info about a "Solar" car. This was believed to be an electric car, possibly with solar cells. This was later disproven when it turned out that "Solar" was renamed to "Stria".
  • It is made by Forward.