The First Karthstani Civil War was a conflict in the country of Karthstan, it lasted from 1955 to 1959.


After Karthstan gained independence from Great Britain in 1927, a monarchy was established, and farmers thrived and gold companies made their cash from here.

However, in the 50s, a drought caused by global warming almost dried the Persian Sea. The crops began to die and farmers demanded water for their dying crops. The gold reserves were exhausted, and due to Karthstan's economy relying upon those things, a famine and an economic crisis started.

Riots broke out in the cities of Karthstan due to this economic crisis. A disgruntled military wanted to split from the monarchy.

The civil war started when in 1955, a group of AWOL military soldiers busted into the palace and killed the family in charge of the monarchy, thus leaving no heirs to take the throne.

Because of the monarchy being overthrown, the military split into three factions: The Democratic Fighters, the Socialists, and the Royalists.

Aftermath and LegacyEdit

At the end of the civil war, the Democratic Fighters won and established a democratic government with a parliament and a President as its head of state. Luckily the Persian Sea was moving back into Karthstan due to heavy rainfall.

The remnants of the Socialists became the KRSL, a political party turned militant paramilitary group after Said Farrah's rise to power in 2007.

Another civil war will come again to challenge Said's power which was caused by Rico to overthrow him. A second civil war rages on while Rico leaves to overthrow Di Ravello in the events of Just Cause 3.

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