FAI Genetic Regeneraor
Item in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
Type A top of the line medical instrument, which combines nanotechnology and synthetic biology for rapid regeneration of human tissues
Usage One handed
Ammunition Nanitride cartridges
Magazine size 1
Used by


Co-Op characters (The Agent, The Merc and The Operator)

Black Hand Shetani 

FAI Genetic Regenerator is a medical item in IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXchange series, similar to Medkits in previous games.


This item only apears on Difficulty levels starting from Hardcore. At Normal Difficulty, Rico has no need for GR's, and recovers the same way he does in JC3

The Genetic Regenerator is a top-secret tool developed by DARPA for a quick recovery of field agents of the American Intelligence and military services. It utilizes a combination of synthetic biotechnology and nanomachines for a rapid tissue replication; in recent field tests, the FAI (Field Auto Injector) was able to recreate broken bones and entire organs of the test subjects in mere minutes. The Regenerator uses approximately 3.7 Kgs of the super-dense nanitride mass which, when applied directly to open wounds, scans the subject's DNA matrix and repairs whatever "damage" it can find. 

Unfortunately, only about 0.09% of the human population could afford such treatment, because in most cases living tissues would reject nanitrides, resulting a spontaneous mass-growth, a kind of super-rapid-cancer. And even those who have an appropriate genetics have to wait considerable time between injections to avoid the said effect. By 2020, one shot of the FAI costs approximately 57,000 US Dollars.

While there ae two types of FAI in JCX, an Agency and Black Hand version, they are pretty much the same - the only difference is the logo and color of the Injector. 


On most Difficulty levels 'Rico has to use a Regenerator when he's critically wounded (i.e. hit by a tank, an RPG or a high-caliber rifle, or just sustained too much enemy fire). He can't regenerate by himself at that point. He can carry up to 3 Regenerators regardless of Difficulty level. 'The same goes for Co-Op. 

The same goes for Co-Op Characters. 


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