The FA-17 Blizzard is a helicopter gunship in service with the Russian Air Force in Just Cause: Volosia.

Visual appearanceEdit

The South African company ATE (Advanced Technology and Engineering Company) has developed an upgraded and modernized version of the Soviet MI-24 Hind assault helicopter, and the resulting Super Hind is the basis for the FA-17 Blizzard helicopter gunship. No variants of either the Super Hind or the Blizzard exist.


With the HG-145 Eagle becoming rapidly obsolete, the Russian Federation commissioned the construction of a new helicopter gunship. The answer and solution was provided by Federation Aviation in the form of the FA-17 Blizzard helicopter gunship, which retained the general body shape of the original Eagle and built an upgraded helicopter upon that.

The weapons systems consist of multiple heat-seeking rocket pods suitable for anti-aircraft and anti-vehicle duties, a nose-mounted chaingun for anti-personnel, and 20mm cannons mounted on the wing for heavier targets. The missiles can be configured to heat-seeking, to find its targets and eliminate them, or dumb-fire missiles to saturate an area with explosions. The anti-personnel minigun is excellent for peppering an area with bullets and eliminating light enemy forces in the area, and the cannons are good for heavier targets.

After combat tests were completed, the Russian Air Force accepted this vehicle and before long all Eagle helicopters were put into reserve storage and completely phased out in favor of the Blizzard assault helicopter. With such devastating weaponry on a helicopter platform, it is one of the most powerful assault gunships in Volosia.



  • "FA-17" is the same designation appearing on the canon CS Powerrun 77.
    • This is a coincidence, as "FA" stands for Federation Aviation, and 17 is simply my main number of choice when faced with choosing a two-digit number.