The Eubus Airliner 474 Gen II is a passenger aircraft in Just Cause: Hjallesund.


"The latest and greatest in short to medium range aircraft some may argue. A refined version of the now-known 474 Gen I, newer engines, rebuilt airframe and the most high tech flight computers around. But what would this information do to help a revolutionary? Here's something more helpful: It makes a great one-time-use battering ram against the enemy fortress."


It's just an average, and apparently high tech short-mid ranged airliner. It seems to take a lot of inspiration from the Airbus A320neo, but the turbines replicate those of the 737-800 almost exactly.

There are two variations; the -100 and -200, the -200 being larger. They are operated by both airlines mentioned below.

It is operated by Ilmastointi Hjallesund and Aero Medici.

This is the factory replacement for the Aeroliner 474 from Just Cause 2.


  • Air traffic around the Hjallesund Isles.
  • Various civil airports.
    • Hjallesund International Airport.
    • More.


  • It's made by the fictional company Eubus.

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