There are easter eggs in Just Cause Unity.



A YouTuber who does watchable GTA V and Forza videos.


One of User:FloatingZygarde's favorite anime

  • Cassius Bakuretsu
  • Chunchunmaru
  • Boomstaff
  • At the highest peak on a clear night and smooth seas, a beautiful (but useless) goddess with long blue hair can be found on top of the peak, you can have here become a companion, but she is pretty weak. This is a reference to Aqua.


The best anime User:FloatingZygarde has watched.

  • Occasionally, Rico will shout "Dark Flame Master" in a failed Japanese dad accent.
  • There is collectible figures of Rikka Takanashi, a character, strewn across the map, collect them all to unlock the power of the Wicked Eye.

Youjo SenkiEdit

An anime about magical WW1 and existentialism, but it's dank.

  • If Rico ventures onto the small part of Morocco at the edge of the map, this will happen:
When you don't have a visa - Youjo Senki

When you don't have a visa - Youjo Senki

Canis Canem Edit (Bully)Edit

A game made by Rockstar, it was called CCE in the EU due to snowflakes.

Akame Ga Kill!Edit

Another anime (weeb)

Love Live!Edit

Another anime

JoJo's Bizzare AdventureEdit


Another quite well known anime

  • After the completion of the final mission, Yes - Roundabout will play, the screen will turn yellowish and the image below will slide into the bottom of the screen.
  • During boss battles, katakana will come up on the screen during an explosion.
  • An achievement is unlocked when you destroy a globe in some park, the achievement is called "Yare yare daze" and has a picture of Star Platinum as the icon.

Initial DEdit

A car anime memed. These two are more references.