The Easter Egg Ending is a major easter egg in Just Cause Unity.


As soon as the One-Cut Killer is taken from its hiding place, a cutscene will show parts of Ultima Prima being found. This signifies that the Easter Egg Ending has been activated. The Easter Egg ending is a very different ending to the normal one, with the normal one just being a mech battle and Cumulous destroying half a city. The easter egg ending is an epic battle across the islands, with every single force against the final boss used, the player can drop vehicles and equipment at will, but Murasame will do just fine.

The end cutscene is Rico stabbing through the head of Ultima Prima and having a swordfight with Pablo Ordenado. Rico wins and Ordenado says his last words before he ultimately dies of the poison of Murasame: "You know, I kind of knew this would happen. cough b-but it must just be survival of the fittest" The cutscene then ends with Ultima Prima exploding and taking an entire mountain with it.


  • This could be considered the "true" ending.
  • Trump Card mode will be active throughout this mission.