The Duai N is a taxi in QWTF spy's JC4.

Black Market descriptionEdit

"Karthstan's taxi, the Duai N is a normal civilian car, nothing to see there. It will get you to your destination faster than a normal taxi. Rico could easily look like a taxi driver."

Taxi Driver ActivityEdit

Taxi Driver Side missions can be activated when in this vehicle. The Duai N is unlocked in the Black Market once 100 fares are completed.

Similar to taxi driver missions in the GTA series, side missions can be played by pressing L1 when the vehicle is stopped.

The activity generally resolves around Rico picking up fares and delivering them to their destinations in a time limit, once a fare is completed. A sum of money is delivered to Rico and Rico must find and pick up the next fare. If the time limit runs out before Rico can deliver the fare, he will lose the fare and will have to find another one quickly.

As the player progresses, the difficulty increases as the fares have some enemies and other vehicles will attempt to destroy Rico's taxi, Rico must defend the taxi by shooting at the enemy vehicles.

If Rico exits, taxi is destroyed, or the time limit runs out before Rico can find another fare, then the activity will end.

This activity can be cancelled by stopping the vehicle and pressing L1.

There will be a total of 100 fares but the player can repeat as much as they want for extra money.


  • This is the third time, a taxi has been included in the Just Cause series. Just Cause 3 excluded taxis for some reason.
  • This is Karthstan's actual taxi service, as The Taxi is not apart of Karthstan.