Black Hand Chimaera
Vehicle in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
Type Special purpose attack helicopter
Weapons Heavy guided missiles, Vulcan high-caliber minigun
Rarity Extremely rare
Used by The Agency
Black Hand
Speed 770 km/h

The Delta MAH15 Chimaera Bloc II is a vehicle in IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXchange series.


Long story short, this is the best attack helicopter in the world of 2020. It's a main combat chopper of the United States Army, a modernization of the original Chimaera, an impressively deadly helicopter on its own. Invulnerable to guided missiles due to advanced stealth and jamming technology, armed with superior missile systems and attacking from extremely long ranges, it brings the very definition of "fear" to American enemies around the world.

Chimaeras were deployed by The Agency to assist USMC and United Democratic Opposition during most severe fights over Koska island in the final accords of the Kyungastani campaign. It was not rare occasions, when a single Chimaera won a day against entire ground formations.

The Black Hand has its own Chimaera, which is seldom seen patrolling the AirEx complex along several Mstitels. It also appear during high Black Hand HEAT levels. It may be chosen for support by Shetani.


It's simply the best helicopter in JCX. It has extreme, almost jet-like speed due to NOTAR capabilities and super-dense alloys that prevent rotors from breaking. It's maneuverable and has stealth capabilities, which means it cannot be targeted by guided missiles.

But the real power lies in the Chimaera's armament. It can engage up to eight targets at once by its heavy missiles from extreme ranges, and its high-caliber minigun would make short work of anything that dares to come up close. It can be said that Chimaera is a flying Loochador.

It's relative weakness is the lack of shields and vulnerability to EMP, but it's well compensated by the range of missiles. Staying miles away from the enemy could render any of their "advantages" impractical.