Vehicle in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
Type Light attack helicopter
Weapons Dual miniguns
Rarity Very common
Used by NKAF

United Democratic Opposition

Speed 490 km/h

Delta LAH33 Trickster is a vehicle in IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXhange series.


After a huge success of the original Boxhead attack choppers, which had huge sales around the world, from a dwarf-nations like San-Esperito to global Superpowers and Megacorporations, which income exceeds most sovereign nations, the Delta company decided to develop a similar aircraft that would utilize last 20 years advancements in military technology but will be cheap and affordable even to criminal organizations, like Rioja cartel.

Gazibagandov's regime bought a large number of Tricksters from Black Hand, Belgium and South African suppliers to replace the fleet of 65-year old Postolka's. These choppers made a valuable addition to Kyungastani Military.

Some of those were captured and used by UDO rebels as well, and many more were supplied by NATO allies and The Agency


It's quite fast and maneuvrable, but very badly armored and poorly armed. It's definetely has better preformance then Postolka, but as an attack chopper, it's very weak. Trickster is, however, very suitable for air stunts.


  • It's made by Delta corporation
  • It is a modern successor to Boxhead helicopter (which is based on AH6 Little Bird)
  • It's based on Real Life MD500 helicopter

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