Delta corporation

A supposed logo
A military industrial corporation
Type Large military and aerospace company
Leader Unknown
Location United States of America

Delta is an American corporation that produces top of the line combat helicopters and drones. Most U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force attack choppers are made by this company as it is evident in Just Cause (1). They are mentioned in Just Cause Unity, but no products are shown due to them being produced under license by Eubus.

List of products in the canonical Just Cause seriesEdit


List of products in Just Cause X: Global eXhangeEdit



  • Most eDen drones are re-licensed for Delta production by 2020
  • Delta D3 Nimrod - a small attack helicopter-drone armed with powerful missiles and rockets
  • Delta D11 Evascirator - a very powerful assault aerial drone with a variety of weapons, can be called for support

List of products in Just Cause 4: SakakuEdit



  • Some eDEN drones ended up in the universe inside the portal


  • The logo is inspired by the old badge of Delta Force (SFOD-D).
  • Everyone is free to use the Delta Corp for their own project since it's a canonical company

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