Death (or Grim Reaper) is a DLC character in Just Cause 4: Karthstan (or QWTF spy's JC4)'s DLC Supernatural Nightmare.

Before becoming the Grim ReaperEdit

Death is not the only Grim Reaper on Earth, in fact, there are billions of Grim Reapers in different countries. The Grim Reapers last a few centuries until passing the torch to someone else. The Grim Reapers don't see or hear each other, however.

Death's real name isn't revealed but he was born in the Middle Ages, in 1329, in London. He was a city folk, however, he was a social outcast. He never got the loving treatment of his family and was bullied by the other children.

Death possessed a hatred towards humans, believing they're the cause of all suffering on the planet.

Later, the Black Death came to England.

In 1349, he became a plague doctor, he wasn't a skilled physician and he never knew why he got the job.

His hatred towards increased and soon began murdering his own patients with a "cure" all of this was for revenge.

Soon the disease caught up to him and he died. After his death, he awakened in a dark room with another Grim Reaper. This Grim Reaper offered Death two choices.

  1. Become a Grim Reaper
  2. Be reincarnated to live the same abuse of his previous life.

Death obviously chose the 1st choice and become what he is today. For many years, he travelled to claim the lives of the living.

In 2014, he arrived in Karthstan. He noticed the Shah was released from his prison and was trying to take over the world. He met Rico and then they played chess to see who would win and later Death joins Rico's mission to destroy the Shah.

Events of Supernatural NightmareEdit



  • Death or any of the Grim Reapers may not exist in the Just Cause universe as the Supernatural Nightmare DLC is non-canon.