The Coyote LRV (Light Reconnaissance Vehicle) is a small reconnaissance buggy in service with the Black Hand in Just Cause: Volosia.


The Coyote LRV is a small open-topped reconnaissance buggy which is useful for scouting out enemy positions and returning to base quickly before the enemy can notice. While it has no armor and no weaponry, soldiers are able to fire their weapons out of the vehicle if necessary. With a fair level of speed this vehicle is also good for transport around Black Hand bases as well as rapid transport of infantry. With six seats including the driver, it can also carry a small team of special forces, or perhaps a sniper team as well, and do so quietly.

From a gameplay perspective, this vehicle is designed as the Black Hand's idea of the Urga Ogar 7 V8, creating a large six-seater version with the same speed, capable of deploying small teams of special forces, snipers, or otherwise, and still taking care of its main reconnaissance purposes. Don't expect to get a lot of coverage from enemy fire, but considering the size and speed of this vehicle, you shouldn't have many issues with it.

Visual appearanceEdit

The Coyote LRV is based on the Singaporean Light Strike Vehicle Mk. II, sometimes referred to as the Spider Light Strike Vehicle. While the real Light Strike Vehicle is commonly equipped with a machine gun mounted on the passenger side of the hood, and uncommonly equipped with a TOW missile turret on the roof, I have chosen to make the Coyote an unarmed vehicle with no variants.