The Correx Sakura Ambulance is a vehicle in QWTF spy's JC4.

Black Market descriptionEdit

"Under the "charitable" organisation of Correx, Sakura built this ambulance to assist local hospitals and do charity work."


A side activity can be activated by stopping the vehicle and pressing L1.

When the activity is activated, Rico must go to a location and pick up a patient and deliver them to the hospital. There's also a timer.

If the timer runs out, the vehicle is destroyed, or Rico exits the vehicle results in instant failure.

For each patient delivered the reward is Money.

If 100 patients are delivered then this vehicle is unlocked.

This activity can be cancelled by stopping the vehicle and pressing L1.


  • It is manufactured by Sakura.
  • This is the third appearance of an ambulance. Just Cause 1 and Just Cause 3 included ambulances.
  • It's a modified Sakura Rice.
  • It is unlocked if 100 patients are delivered to the hospital.