Codename: Morgue is a location in Just Cause: Paradiso Islands.
Codename Morgue


It is a old church, overlooking Raven City. It has a large graveyard in the rear of the area. Near the end of the inside of the church, you can find a hatch leading down a old tunnel. The tunnel leads to a large room with a complex of computers, gun cabinets, and 2 PIM Grunts and 1 PIM Soldier. Reading the computers gives you a realization of what happened.


The military dug a huge tunnel and had all the citizens of Raven City make the surveillance room, so they could spy on the rest of the region. They then killed the citizens and buried them to cover up the operation. This disgusts Rico, who even says "This is fucked up." After Rico says this, you have about 5 seconds before you get teleported back to the inside of the church, the hatch being sealed off with boards.


  • 3x Generator.


  • It is modeled after the church in Ravenholm from Half-Life 2.

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