Chekov Point is a military area in Just Cause: Paradiso Islands. It is a old power station,

Main Building

now controlled by the PIM.


It is an old power station, now in the control of the PIM. The area is fairly big, and has alot of destructibles.


The area has multiple entrances, all guarded by PIM Soldiers and a military Nellis Redneck or Dennis Longhorn. The entrances have weapon cabinets as well. The gates will be down as well, so you will need to break them to get through. A mounted DJW Sledgehammer may be at the entrances as well.


  • Generators x 20
  • Radio Tower x 3
  • Transformer x 12
  • Fuel Tanks x 5


There are multiple buildings, each with their own collectibles. Said buildings and collectibles are:

  • Building 1: Large power building near railroad.
    Collectible: Hood for Roadmobile 1939
  • Building 2: Old Redstone Cargo building, holding most of the Generators and Transformers.
    Collectible: 1 of 5 parts needed to get the Abraham 1868.
  • Building 3: Alpha Electric building holding the last 5 Generators and 7 Transformers.
    Collectible: 1 of 2 notes for Marienfield Tager.
  • Building 4: Old wooden tower.
    Collectible: DJW Sledgehammer.
  • Building 5: BluJay Incorporated building, housing multiple military MVs and Rednecks.
    Collectible: 2 of 2 notes for Marienfield Tager.


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