The Castro Trifecta is a vehicle in Just Cause: Paradiso Islands.
Castro Trifecta


It is a two-door muscle car, based on the Mercury Cyclone CJ. It is the third fastest muscle car in the game, having a top speed of 147 mph. It was produced to be a Just Racing muscle car class vehicle out of the factory, and had a good run in it's day, along with the Mann Chimaera, however newer vehicles
Mann Chimaera Racer

Jack's Trifecta

outclassed them in multiple ways. Nowadays, the car is being collected and restored by it's owners, therefore being a rare sight in the area. As his father was one of the drivers of thes cars, Jack Harris owns the one he drove, and gives it to Rico at the end of the game for all he has done.


  • It's made by the fictional company Castro.

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