This is a location in fiction by GMRE and New and Improved Medici.

Imagine an area with tall snow-covered mountains, similar to Berawan Besar Mountains and most of Insula Striate. Now try to imagine an old castle that someone has converted into a high-end vacation resort.


This is something that would have worked well in Just Cause 3 as an abandoned resort, but it could also work well as a sidemission location for any future game.
JCFF real location 33

This is how you get here, unless you're Rico, or unless you can afford a helicopter.

The castle would be well above the snowline. Examples of real castles on mountains during winter. Imagine the Kem Gunung Dataran Tinggi base, but built as an old castle and converted to a resort. The modern resort conversion would include items like helicopter landing pads and some building expansions with glass walls that reveal expensively maintained tropical vegetation in a big greenhouse. Also, hot tubs outside. Much of the castle still looks old and even has Old-timy cannons and Small old-timy cannons at the battlements. This is actually the only location that has as many of them.

In game there could often be blizzards to make the whole region even less approachable. All parts of the mountains in the area that would not be too steep would be covered with a dense forest. The only non-Rico ways to get there would be by helicopter, or by cable cars.
JCFF real location 19

Some castle/resort areas could be connected this way.

JCFF real location 26 (Switzerland)

This could be in the neighbourhood.

Depending on the plot needs for the game, the location could be either abandoned, as would be the case in JC3 (due to "the burning of the north"), or it could be populated by civilians. In any case it would be the location for some mission.