CS Fulda
Vehicle in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
Type Wheeled Main Battle Tank
Weapons 120-mm main cannon, coaxial 30-mm cannon
Rarity Average
Used by USMC
Speed ~90 km/h

The CS Fulda is a vehicle in IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXchange series.


In accordance with the so called Treaty of Tiananmen, this main battle tank, like most Western combat vehicles, has been designed and made into serial production with a wheeled chassis, instead of tracked ones, that Russia and other rogue states that neglect UN treaties produce. In recent years, Fulda has replaced the Abrahams as a new main battle tank of the USMC, while the US Army has applied other proposed models. It was due to it's light weight and excellent maneuverability, as well as relative ease of maintenance, that made it an excellent choice for United States Marine Corps operations.

Hundreds of those tanks were deployed in Kyungastani conflict, facing modernized Russian Boksers on the battlefield for the first time. Fuldas showed itself as a moderately capable combat vehicle, almost always defeating its counterparts in long-range battles, but suffering heavy losses on the medium to close range combat situations. Still, modern joint forces operations rarely allow a direct exchange of fire between tanks, as aerial units are often called to deal with armored convoys.


It's one of the best tanks in JCX, only falling behind the monstrous Buran combat vehicle and various tank-like Mechs that the Black Hand use. It's better armored and excels in mobility in comparison to the URGA Bokser, albeit lacking in the Bokser's firepower. It also lacks shields and reactive armor, but it's strong enough to survive multiple ATGM hits, and is invulnerable to RPG fire.


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