The Bureau of Mobility Innovation, commonly abbreviated as BMI, is a defunct Soviet vehicle manufacturer in the Just Cause: Volosia canon.


Created by Joseph Stalin and tasked to build modern and advanced vehicles for the Soviet military, with the ultimate goal of creating invincible armored divisions, the Bureau of Mobility Innovation was an equipment designer for the Soviet Union during and after the Second World War. They designed and created much of the Soviet Union's military arsenal during the early years of the Cold War, including the Revolutionary Series Armored Vehicles, but as part of the Nikita Khrushchev's De-Stalinization process, they were decommissioned and disbanded in the year 1956, in favor of other, more varied vehicle manufacturers.

List of productsEdit

Name Game Description Image Notes
BMI Husky Just Cause: Volosia Light reconnaissance vehicle
BTR-40 8
BMI Woodpecker Just Cause: Volosia Armored anti-aircraft personnel transport
Revolutionary Series Armored Vehicles Just Cause: Volosia Main battle tank platform
BTR-60 Cannon 1


  • This company is not to be confused with BMI.