The Black Hand EV43 "Final Solution" is a character in Just Cause: Cold Blood Volume 3.

History Edit

EV43 was originally developed as an enhanced cyborg human with DNA from ancient gashadokuro to serve the Black Hand and patrol the Air Exchange in Nova Kyungastan. It orginally had to have a pilot, but EDEN 2.0 controls it with a "dummy plug". It was only completed just as Rico destroyed the AirEx and had to be teleported out to the Cumulous. It arrived there unscathed, and worked on by Albrecht and other remaining Black Hand, until it went berserk due to EDEN 2.0 taking over it and killed loads of them, making the Black Hand evacuate. it then lied dormant for a while and even let Pablo Ordenado in without ending him, as it agreed with his ideas.

It still waited, but Pablo got killed and the airship crashed into the sea.

Events of JCU: Cold Blood Edit

At the end of Cold Blood 3, Rico meets with EV43 and fights it in an semi-epic battle of gods, man vs machine. EV43 ends up dying by Rico's hands, then dumped into the sea along with every EDEN drone.

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