The Bering I-92P-200 is a wide body passenger plane in Just Cause Hjallesund.

Description Edit

"The pride of ITH's aircraft fleet. Bought from the Russians just after the Soviet Union fell, to put into service in the national airline."

Appearance Edit

It seems to take it's fuselage directly from an Ilyushin Il-96, but instead of two engines in each wing, it has one large one on each, taken from the Boeing 777, and has landing gear from an Airbus A340.

Performance Edit

It handles like any passenger plane would, fast, but slow and hard to turn.

Modifications Edit

Cargo Edit

The 'Cargo' modification removes all of the seats in the plane and adds a rear cargo door. The only problem with this modification is the fuselage is about one car wide, and you can only fit about 5 inside. This version will spawn at large enough Ilmavoimat bases and large civilian airports.

Amphibious Edit

The 'Amphibious' modification gives the plane the ability to land on water. Visually, the wings get raised, a T-tail is added and the engines are placed above the wings.

Bomber Edit

The 'bomber' modification removes the interior, in place of a bomb bay, which carries Heavy Bombs, and a maximum of 6 can be dropped at once. It also adds guided bombs, which fall toward Chaos Destructible Objects, and if any aren't near, enemies. After modification this version can spawn at large enough captured Ilmavoimat Bases.

Locations Edit

  • At large Civilian Airports:
    • Hjallesund International Airport
    •  ?
  • In air traffic around the Hjallesund Isles
  • At large Ilmavoimat Bases once the Bomber modification is installed

Trivia Edit

  • This could be Panau Air's replacement for the Aeroliner 474 as their international operating aircraft.
  • It's made by the fictional company Bering.

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