Vehicle in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
Type AWACS Plane
Weapons None
Rarity Scarce
Used by Russian Military


Speed ~900 km/h
Bering 19Q4 is a vehicle in IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXchange series.


Made in 1994, this system was originally produced for United States Armed Forces, but in the turn of the century was adapted by it's NATO allies and Japan. Many other countries, such as India, requested the purchase of these planes as well - but were frankly refused for various reasons. The only non-NATO country to aqquire 19Q4's was Russia - via it's connections to Black Hand and "black market" sales. It is suspected that over 150 of these aircrafts were secretely shipped to Russian Federation in the last decade.

During the conflict at Kyungastani archipelago, these AWACS systems were frequently used by both sides - American Marince Corps and Russian Peacekeepers. They are always covered by jet fighter escorts.


This plane is obviously not very maneuvrable due to it's sheer size, but neither it's speedy. It has little use for Rico, but is very important part of the combat awareness system of his aliies and enemies. The AWACS is an integral system of Russian HEAT levels; basially, to clear HEAT when on Koska island and attacking Russian forces, Rico has to shot this thing down - as it's impossible to escape other way (except getting to other, already "liberated" island)


  • It's made by Bering corporation
  • It is based on real life Boeing 767 AWACS plane
  • "19Q4" is another reference to "1984" Novel

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