Bering is a fictional corporation featured in multiple fan fiction projects. 



In Just Cause: Lumeri, Bering is mainly based on Russian aircraft manufacturers Ilyushin, Tupolev and Antonov. They only produce one aircraft, a twin-jet airliner.

Just Cause Unity Edit

In JCU, they are very similar to JCX's depiction (They're

the same universe).


A supposed logo

Just Cause X: Global Exchange Edit

In JCX: Global eXchange, Bering corporation is based on American Boeing company, a primary rival of the Rage-Johnston, just like real-life Boeing is competing with Lockheed Martin. In this dimension, Bering is secretly controlled by the Illuminati, a group of industrial moguls which use the Black Hand as its private military force. They are selling many of their products on a "black market" for rogue states.

The logo remains the same in 2024 (see above) as it was in 2020

List of productsEdit

Name Game Description Image Notes
Bering 19Q4 Just Cause X: Global Exchange AWACS plane
Bering 838 Just Cause Unity Airplane
Bering 838
Bering AV1 Manta Just Cause X: Global Exchange Drone bomber
Bering C500 Just Cause: Your Nation Flying car
Bering F39 Lynx Just Cause X: Global Exchange VTOL multirole fighter-bomber
Bering I-36-200D Just Cause Unity Jet airplane
Bering I-36P
Bering I-92P-200 Just Cause: Hjallesund Passenger aircraft
Bering I-XF Ironclaw Just Cause Unity Jet fighter
Bering I-XF Ironclaw
Bering Imperator-01 Just Cause 4: Sakaku Unidentified military attack plane
Bering Imperator-01
Time warped
Bering RV3 Orca Just Cause X: Global Exchange Reconnaissance drone

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