Bering is a fictional corporation featured in multiple fan fiction projects. 



In Just Cause: Hjallesund, Bering is mainly based on Russian aircraft manufacturers Ilyushin, Tupolev and Antonov. They only produce one aircraft, a twin-jet airliner.

Just Cause UnityEdit

In JCU, they are very similar to JCX's depiction (They're the same universe).


A supposed logo

Just Cause X: Global ExchangeEdit

In JCX: Global eXchange, Bering corporation is based on the American Boeing company, a primary rival of Rage-Johnston, just like the real life Boeing is competing with Lockheed Martin. In this dimension, Bering is secretly controlled by the Illuminati, a group of industrial moguls which use the Black Hand as its private military force. They are selling many of their products on a "black market" for rogue states.

The logo remains the same in 2024 (see above) as it was in 2020.

Just Cause 4: SakakuEdit

(No description available)

List of productsEdit

Name Game Description Image Notes
Bering 19Q4 Just Cause X: Global Exchange AWACS plane
Bering 838 Just Cause Unity Airplane
Bering 838
Bering AV1 Manta Just Cause X: Global Exchange Drone bomber
Bering C500 Just Cause: Your Nation Flying car
Bering F39 Lynx Just Cause X: Global Exchange VTOL multirole fighter-bomber
Bering I-116ST Obolon Just Cause: Hjallesund and Just Cause: Hawaiki Strategic transport/tanker/AEWACS
Bering I-36-200D Just Cause Unity Jet airplane
Bering I-36P
Bering I-92P-200 Just Cause: Hjallesund Passenger aircraft
Bering I-XF Ironclaw Just Cause Unity Jet fighter
Bering I-XF Ironclaw
Bering Imperator-01 Just Cause 4: Sakaku Unidentified military attack plane
Bering Imperator-01
Time warped
Bering RV3 Orca Just Cause X: Global Exchange Reconnaissance drone