The B-19 Grizzly is an MRAP in service with the Black Hand in Just Cause: Volosia.

Visual appearanceEdit

The B-19 Grizzly is based on the real-world Renault Higuard MRAP, which is in turn an armored version of the 6x6 Renault Sherpa, both of which are in service with the Singaporean Army. It is available armed or unarmed in both real life and in Just Cause: Volosia.


As more threats to Black Hand operations throughout the world arose, the need for a heavy 6x6 MRAP vehicle became more and more prominent, until the project was approved by the Black Hand high command and soon the B-19 Grizzly came to become the main MRAP vehicle in service with Black Hand forces. It is available with or without a remotely-operated machine gun turret that can be used for self defense and anti-infantry support, but either way this vehicle is equipped with heavy armor, plenty of space for a whole squad, and additional ramming capability if necessary. The Black Hand has been known to use it to ram their way into protected compounds, and this application can also be used by Rico.



  • The vehicle is simultaneously named after the Grizzly Battle Tank from Command & Conquer Red Alert 2, and the KMW Grizzly MRAP, in service with the German Army.
    • At one point the KMW Grizzly was the basis for the B-19 Grizzly, but that was before the Renault Higuard was discovered.
  • The original B-19 Grizzly base vehicle, the KMW Grizzly, lives on as the S&G Bear.