The Autostraad RSD is a sports car in Just Cause: Hjallesund.

Appearance Edit

It takes resemblance of the first and second generation Audi TTs, with some details taken from the forth generation Mitsubishi Eclipse and BMW Z3.

It can also spawn as a cabriolet.

Description Edit

"This sporty and small roadster, with a turbocharged I4 in it's pocket, came into production just before the turn of the century, being a great car to take a trip to see the sun setting for the last time for the millennium. Now days it's just one of those awkward 90's sports cars you see driving around, for those who couldn't afford a nicer coupe"- In game description.

Performance Edit

Quite good at going around bends, but a little bit of a slouch on the straits. The cabriolet has slightly lower performance.

Locations Edit

  • In traffic around Lumeri.
  • Car parks.
  • Rarely at race events.

Trivia Edit

  • It is produced by the fictional automaker Autostraad.
  • This, along with the Miyagi M6-2, have retractible roofs.

Gallery Edit

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