The Autostraad Hound GTK 2017 is a vehicle in Just Cause Unity.
Autostraad Hound GTK 2017 (Front Quarter)


The Hound GTK is the 2017 revival of the original Hound GTK from 1971. It has a V6 borrowed from Stria's Perfetto Forcella and an electric motor. It has received critical acclaim for being an affordable, efficient hybrid sports car. It single-handedly wiped out the BBW eX4 from the market.


The New Hound GTK is on par with some supercars, including the Locust SE2-6A. it is slightly weighty, due to being a hybrid which means it carries extra batteries.


  • This is the first car in Just Cause, canon or non-canon, to have butterfly doors.
  • This is made by Autostraad.