Vehicle in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
Type 4-door sedan
Weapons None
Rarity Very common
Used by

Russian Bratva


220 km/h (Civilian)
354 km/h (Bratva)

The Autostraad D500 Puma is a vehicle in User:Ironclaws's Just Cause X: Global eXchange series.


This sedan was made more then two decades ago, but it's still very popular in post-Soviet countries, such as Nova Kyungastan. It's widely been used by moderately wealthy citizens and party members, and can often be seen on the streets of major cities, such as Ismagrad or Bagirovsk.

For the Russian Mafia (Bratva) however, this car, is more then just a "way of getting there". It's a symbol of the 90s, an era when their power was at its peak, rivaling official authorities of the country. Therefore, along with BBW Boomer, the Puma (albeit a heavily modified version) became their vehicle of choice.


Civilian variant 

It's an average 4-door sedan. It has a good speed on highways, but other then that it's plain useless in a desert environment of the Kyungastan archipelago.

Bratva variant

Heavily tuned, this version of the vehicle is armored against small-arms fire, has a powerful engine, and can cross deserts with medium success. While very "stylish", it's not a best choice for hot pursuits or stunts, but Puma can definitely be used for street racing purposes.


  • It's made by Autostraad company.
  • It's based on the Mercedes W140.
  • This car has became a symbol of Russian organized crime in the 90s.


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