Autostraad is a vehicle manufacturer featuring in Just Cause Unity, Just Cause: Hjallesund and fiction by GMRE. It has also featured in Just Cause 3.

Just Cause: HjallesundEdit

Autostraad currently produces two vehicles in Just Cause: Hjallesund, the RSD, based on various generations of Audi TT, and the D100, based on an Audi A8. It is based on the Volkswagen group, the Daimler group and the BMW group.

The brand is currently owned and headquartered in Germany.


The logo has an older looking format, with the aperture's colors inverted. The font is also different, and not capitalized.

Naming SystemEdit

In 1993, when the D100 was released, it created a new naming system. The D100 would be the largest number, and D10 would be the smallest. The naming system was different in Medici due to copyright issues with Stria.

Before this naming system the number came before the D, and the numbers were in hundreds.

Name Type Notes
D10 Hot hatch Joint venture with roulette
D20 Hatchback
D30 Compact sports coupé Sold as the D700 in Medici
D40 Compact luxury sedan
D50 D40 coupé
D60 Mid-size luxury sedan Known as the D90 in Medici
D70 Sports coupé Convertible option.
D80 Sports car RSD Successor
D90 Large luxury coupé
D100 Luxury saloon
DX20 Compact crossover
DX70 Medium crossover
DX90 Large crossover
DX100 SUV Previously known as the Weimaraner
T30 Civil van
T60 Commercial van Modified by Stadt-Tresor
T70 Series Light commercial trucks
T90 Series Heavy commercial trucks Known as the Reisender 7 in Medici
Citispeed Series Buses


They produce two vehicles:

Name Type Real-Life Counterpart
Autostraad RSD AWD roadster Audi TT
Autostraad D100 AWD luxury saloon First Generation Audi A8
Autostraad T60 Commercial Van Volkswagen Crafter

Just Cause UnityEdit

Autostraad have imported many vehicles to the Islas Budgarias, they have many logos as they have imported older cars such as the Hound GTK (1971) and newer cars such as the R85. They have produced two supercars: The GL9e and Hound GTK (2017). The best-selling car they have produced is the Autostraad D80.

In JCU they also own the Ošklivý brand.

Apparently they are "crazy" according to the article for Autostraad Epische Rennwagen von Geschwindigkeit und Berg passieren Zerstörung (which is absolute horses**t)

Vehicle Type Photo Notes
Autostraad Hound GTK (1971) FR sports car
Autostraad Hound GTK
Autostraad Hound GTK (2017) MR sports car
Autostraad Hound GTK 2017 (Front Quarter)
Butterfly doors
Autostraad R85 AWD hot hatch
Two variants
Autostraad D80 FF hatch
Autostraad D80
Police variant available
Autostraad GL9e AWD supercar
Autostraad GL9e

Vehicles below this point do not have articlesEdit

Vehicle Type Photo Notes
Autostraad Horizon SV6 FWD Hatch
Autostraad Horizon SV6
'50 Autostraad Weltbus RWD Van
50' Autostraad Weltbus
Autostraad Europa RWD Supercar
Autostraad Europa
Autostraad LM24 RWD Supercar
Autostraad LM80
Autostraad DCross AWD SUV
Autostraad DCross

Fiction by GMREEdit

Autostraad has almost only ever made civilian vehicles. The only exceptions so far are:

All on the JCFF wikiEdit

Vehicle Game Type Photo Notes
Autostraad Aztec Just Cause 4: Karthstan SUV
Autostraad Atec
Autostraad Bezwinger Typ VII Fiction by GMRE Tank
Autostraad Bezwinger Typ VII
Excels at devastating bases
Autostraad D100 Just Cause: Hjallesund AWD luxury saloon
Autostraad D100
Autostraad D100 Rear
Autostraad D50 Just Cause: Your Nation Sedan
Autostraad D500 Puma Just Cause X: Global Exchange 4-door sedan
Puma Bratva
Puma Bratva 2
Autostraad D80 Just Cause Unity Basic car
Civil RSV
Autostraad D80
Skoda Octavia India
Two variants
Autostraad DK8 Shooting Brake Just Cause Unity Sports car
Autostraad DK8 Shooting Brake
Autostraad Epische Rennwagen von Geschwindigkeit und Berg passieren Zerstörung Just Cause Unity Sports car
Autostraad Epische Rennwagen von Geschwindigkeit und Berg passieren Zerstörung
Means "Epic racing car of speed and mountain pass destruction" when translated
Autostraad GL9e JC Unity AWD supercar
Autostraad GL9e
Autostraad Greentree Just Cause: Paradiso Islands Old station wagon
Autostraad Gunsche Just Cause 4: Karthstan Compact
Autostraad Gunsche
Gunsche rear
Autostraad Hound GTK (1971) JC Unity FR sports car
Autostraad Hound GTK
Autostraad Hound GTK (2017) JC Unity MR sports car
Autostraad Hound GTK 2017 (Front Quarter)
Autostraad Hound GTK 2019
Butterfly doors
Autostraad L840 Just Cause: Your Nation Unknown
Autostraad Metropolis Just Cause: Paradiso Islands "Roadster"
Autostraad Oracle Just Cause 4: Karthstan Luxury car
Autostraad R85 JC Unity AWD hot hatch
R85 Wide
R85 ad
Two variants
Autostraad RC-01 JC4: Sakaku Unidentified race car
Autostraad RC-01
Time warped
Autostraad RSD Just Cause: Hjallesund AWD roadster
Autostraad RSD
Autostraad RSD 2
Retractable roof, can come in soft top, hard top and coupé variants.
Autostraad Ruhollah Just Cause 4: Karthstan Modern bus
Autostraad Ruhollah
Autostraad Stalin Just Cause 4: Karthstan Compact
Autostraad Stalin
Autostraad T30 Just Cause: Hjallesund Light van
Autostraad T30
Autostraad T60 Just Cause: Hjallesund Van
Autostraad Ubermacht Kombi R Just Cause Unity Sports car
Autostraad Ubermacht R

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