Arms Smuggling is an activity in QWTF spy's JC4.


Arms smuggling is usually practiced by criminals in order to bypass a country's restrictive gun laws.

This activity can be found on the map via the map icon of a buggy. A vehicle can be found at the icon. The vehicles are various but to start the activity simply just enter the vehicle.

Once this activity is started, Rico will be contacted by a faction leader to retrieve a crate of weapons at a location. This location will be on the minimap. A time limit will activate and Rico will have to rush there. However, he is not alone. Rival gunrunners and law enforcement will try to destroy Rico's vehicle and Rico must defend his vehicle. Rico will also have to beat the Gunrunners as well.

If the Gunrunners managed to beat Rico to the location where the crate is being dropped, Rico must get it back before they reach their route. The Gunrunners' route is also marked.

Once Rico has retrieved the crate, he must drive it to a faction hideout, where he will be rewarded.

If Rico's vehicle is destroyed, the Gunrunners' reach their destination, or the timer runs out, then the activity is over.

This activity can be cancelled by stopping the vehicle and holding L1.


  • This activity was inspired by the Arms Trafficking missions in GTA 5.