The Armonia Reunion Force is a faction in Just Cause Unity.


Upon the election of Pablo Ordenado, Phillip Sucio and Luciano Debilles on the other three islands, the island of La Sol was left under debate, until the Spanish sent over Alejandro Armonia to govern it under U.N. protection. He founded the ARF as it's known today.


All units act similar to the rebels in Just Cause 3.

ARF GruntEdit

ARF Grunts

A pair of ARF grunts.

A standard soldier sent in for small operations, common across La Sol. Usually armed with CS SG-990.

ARF EliteEdit

ARF Elite

Some ARF elites.

These are more well-armed and armoured soldier used for major battles and operations. Usually armed with an STN A-12 Constrictor. Can be armed with STN RPG-8 COBRAs.

ARF PilotEdit

ARF Pilot

ARF Pilot inside a CS8 Lightninghawk.

These units pilot planes and helicopters. They are never armed and will parachute if you kick them out of their aircraft.



  • To reunite the islands as one nation.
  • To have free trade of Dertium, found on the peaks of mount Derti on Nuevearrcife.
  • To stop the three faux-democrat dictators.